tirsdag 8. mars 2011

International Trail-O calendar

Almost all countries with competitors participating in WTOC and ETOC arrange national Trail-O competitions in their home country. In Europe there are several competitions every weekend, but finding an event is not the easiest task. Some national federations have Trail-O calendars on the official webpage, but not all competitions are found in there national calendars. If competitions all over the world where gathered in one international Trail-O calendar, the task of finding interesting events outside the neighboring countries would be simplified.

For this purpose we suggest the use of the easy-to-use event calendar found at cal.worldofo.com. This calendar provides an overview of where each event is held and gives the user the opportunity to include map samples and terrain pictures. The service also automatically provides links to existing maps and photos in the neighborhood. This is important information for every map-geek planning a trip to a foreign country, including a Trail-O competition. 

The calendar is in wide use for foot orienteering, and to some extend in use for the other disciplines of orienteering as well.

Click here to go directly to the calendar for Trail-O. If you use the link cal.worldofo.com, make sure to choose Trail-O under events type to show only Trail-O competitions.

We suggest that event planners of future Trail-O competitions use 10 minutes of their time to add their event to this calendar. Hopefully such an international calendar can generate more international competitors for events all across the world.

Norwegian Spring, 2nd- 3rd of April, in Norway is already added to the calendar. Hopefully other events planners will follow.

We will also mention the possibility to register your Trail-O competition in the calendar on Remo Madellas homepage.

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