mandag 14. mars 2011

Try Trail-O online!

Libor Frost (CZE) has created a software where you can try the Trail-O variant TempO in your computer at home. If you are an experienced TrailO-er without the need to recap Trail-O rules, go directly to the last section. If you are not familiar with TempO (or Trail-O at all) we give you an short explanation here. For a more careful introduction, we refer to

In TrailO your task is to find the flag in the forest which corresponds to the circle on your map and the control description. You are not allowed to go out to the controls in the forest, but are restricted to stay on paths and roads. There are up to 5 flags for each task, and they are named A,B,C,D and E counting from the left from a marked viewpoint. Note that Z is also a possibility, which you answer if no flag is placed in the right position. There is a time limit on the full course, but as long as you don't exceed this limit, your time does not matter. 

TempO is a kind TrailO where time DOES matter. In this type of Trail-O you go up to a cluster with up to 5 flags. The time starts, and you are shown a map with only 1 circle and control description, and are supposed to answer the correct flag as fast as possible. As soon as you have answered you are given the next problem. There are normally 3-4 problems on each cluster. You are given 60 sec time penalty for a wrong answer.

This online version works mostly the same way as real-life TempO, only using a picture of the terrain instead of your own eyes. The software is running directly in the browser, so no download is required. As of now last year's World TempO Trophy is the only full course available, but the service will hopefully be updated with new maps and problems as people discovers this great software.

The online TempO training can be found here.

Libor also encourages people to good photos and the map of older TempO events. If you have such material available, please contact Libor on this e-mail address.

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